Always Up to Date

WorkHeld seamlessly connects field technicians with their project coordinators in the head office. Construction plans, checklists and work orders are continuously updated and defects can be reported immediately. WorkHeld enables all involved parties to always be up to date on the project progress.

Optimized Efficency

WorkHeld reduces previously complicated documentation- and organization-tasks to just a few clicks. Working times, expenses and material consumption can be documented easily. After completing a work order the client can directly sign on the tablet and the technician can send the report to the head office. This way WorkHeld permits every employee an undisturbed and productive work order completion.

User-Friendly Interface

WorkHeld was developed in direct collaboration with service technicians and construction workers in the field. The mobile app is easy to use and customized to fit their individual needs. Functions such as the drag & drop work order assignment and the tracking of work hours with a start/stop button simplify the everyday work. Additionally WorkHeld is the first field-management software to use artificial intelligence in a VoiceBot. With it, the workers hands don‘t even have to touch the tablet in order to operate the App!

WorkHeld is Your Solution for Construction and Maintenance

WorkHeld can be used online as well as offline. The app effortlessly digitizes the whole construction and service process. WorkHeld is uncomplicated to implement, easy to combine with other programs and immediately ready to use. Small and big service teams can equally benefit from using the cloud-solution. WorkHeld is therefore the holistic solution for industrial companies!

„Industrial companies don‘t need complex universal solutions, but services that are easy to integrate."

- Benjamin Schwärzler, CEO

Intelligent VoiceBot
Time Tracking
Acquisition of details
Material Management
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Drag&Drop Project Planning
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Defect Management
Expense Tracking
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WorkHeld Offers

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  • Trial
  • 2 Weeks Free
  • No Subsidiary
    1 Department
  • Up to 3 User
    1 Coordinator 2 Technicians
  • Self Setup
  • No Data-Import
  • Hosted in Azure International Shared Database
  • Professional
  • € 39 monthly. / User
  • Up to 3 Subsidiaries
    Up to 3 Departments per Subsidiary
  • Up to 5 Coordinators
    Up to 49 Technicians
  • Setup Assistance
  • Initial Data Import
  • Securely hosted at Azure Germany
    Banking Grade Security
    Customer specific, own Database
  • Custom Integrations possible
  • Support 9-5
  • Enterprise
  • Custom Pricing
  • More than 50 Users? Unlimited Subsidiaries Unlimited Departments per Subsidiary
  • Unlimited Coordinators
    & Technicians
  • On-Premise Installation
  • Initial Data Import
  • Securely hosted at Azure Germany
    Banking Grade Security
    Customer specific own Database
  • Custom Integrations
  • Premium Support
  • Individual Customization

What others say about us

“Tablet Solutions offers exciting solutions for the digitalization of assembly work as well as the manufacturing processes in industrial companies. Users are spared paperwork and have access to the latest documents and plans. This means that companies are finally taking a step towards industry 4.0.”

Sonja Zimmermann CEO Livag GmbH & board member at Berndorf AG.

“Tablet Solutions has perfectly analyzed and understood our challenges and requirements and solved them in their software. Thanks to the consistent digitalization, the work of our mobile workforce became easier and more efficient. Particularly, we are thrilled by the simple handling of the software and the industry know-how of the team.”

Anton Schwendinger CEO Doppelmayr Ropeways GmbH

“After searching for a mobile solution for our technicians we decided to use workheld. Workheld was easily integrated into our workflow and is now used throughout our operations. Even after this short time we have already recognized an increase in efficiency.”

Mag. Egmont Fröhlich, MBA CEO Selina Technology & Management GmbH

WorkHeld is a product developed by Tablet Solutions. Tablet Solutions combines an innovative Start-Up approach to technology with a deep understanding of the industry. With user-oriented options we allow you to take the important step towards the Industry 4.0. We digitize construction and maintenance and provide industrial companies with the resources and the support they need to become the pioneers of the future.

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